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Marauders Athletics

Hanover High School


Marauders Athletics

Hanover High School

Marauders Athletics

Hanover High School

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9 months ago @ 8:20AM

Important Update! Fan Site Changes

Important Update!

Fan Site Changes


Beginning September 7th, we are enhancing our communication tools to improve security, save you time and allow you to easily communicate with your community. This update will provide you with vital information to engage with your fan base. Athletic Directors will be able to send updates, alerts and announcements to more than those who signed up for alerts.  

  • We’ve simplified the registration for fans/parents/coaches.  
  • Existing logins can still be used. 
  • Fans will login to access schedule information. Cancelled and Postponed events will still show without logging in.  
  • Athletic Directors who have Fan accounts will no longer have to choose to navigate between Admin and Fan. They will be automatically logged in to Admin with easy access to the Fan site.
  • Athletic Directors will now have better reporting to see who is following which team and what offers they've opted in to.

Here's what your home page schedule slider will look like:

We've updated the fan login instructions in the BullPen. Click here to view. We recommend posting the following announcement on your website to alert your fans:

"Stay connected! Sign up for a fan account to ensure that you never miss a game or an update. "

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