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Marauders Athletics

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Marauders Athletics

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1 month ago @ 3:46PM

COVID-19 Fall Sport Attendance and Team Protocols for Home Games

Listed below are the protocols for attendance at Hanover High School home athletic events for Fall 2020.  At this time, we will not allow fans from visiting teams to attend our home events.   Please see policies below for more information and protocols for home games.  Questions can be directed to Megan Sobel, Athletic Director, at 603-643-0655.  


Visiting Teams

  • All players and coaches must be temperature checked and screened prior to arrival at home site.

  • Any player or coach with a fever (specific temperature determined by each school district) or self reports any symptoms is not to arrive at home site.

  • All coaches and players must wear a facial covering while on premises (including the parking lot).  Student-athletes in outdoor sports may remove masks when actively warming-up and competing.  

  • No visiting fans will be allowed, only team personnel. Rosters from visiting teams should be provided a minimum of 48 hrs in advance.

  • Any additional specific regulations will be communicated to visiting school in advance.

  • All teams must arrive dressed.  No locker rooms will be available.  



  • Temperature and screen will be conducted by site administrator upon arrival.

  • All officials are to arrive fully dressed. 

  • No locker rooms will be provided.

  • Although sanitizers will be provided at the site, we encourage officials to bring their own personal protective equipment, including hand sanitizer, towels, water, gloves, and snacks.  

  • When not actively officiating, contest officials must adhere to all proper personal protective equipment (PPE) including face covering protocols and physical distancing requirements.

  • Contest officials must not share their personal equipment, such as towels, water, gloves, masks, whistles, etc.

  • It is recommended that an official use an electronic whistle to start and stop play.  

  • In the event of a high temperature or symptoms reported that official will not be permitted to officiate the game.  The remaining officials will officiate the game.

  • Officials will be paid through an electronic payment system (Arbiterpay).




  • Home sites will be administered by the site administrator or coach depending on location.  

  • No fans will be allowed at indoor sporting events at this time.  

  • For home games played outdoors, each HHS student-athlete will be allowed admittance of 2 immediate family members to their contests.  HHS students will not be permitted to attend events at this time except if they are immediate family members and using one of the 2 permitted tickets. 

  • Face coverings will be required entering, during, and exiting all game facilities. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • Spectators must keep at minimum 6 feet of social distancing. Families may sit or stand together but should social distance from others.

  • All spectators are responsible for screening their own health before attending events. If you feel sick, STAY HOME.

  • Failure to follow guidelines will result in removal from event(s).

  • Children must sit with their family the entire event.

  • Hanover High School reserves the right to stop admission to an event if necessary.  



  • Media representatives should communicate in advance with the host athletic administrator.

  • All media members must be screened by the athletic staff on site prior to entering.

  • All media will maintain social distancing of a minimum of 6 feet and wear masks at all times.

  • Media access to press boxes and fields will be restricted.



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