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Posted 5.0 years ago @ 11:33AM

Concussion Protocol

Dresden Policy JLCJ – Concussion Management Policy

Hanover High School (HHS) seeks to provide all students the opportunity to participate in athletics safely in accordance with Title XV, Sections 200:49 – 200:52. After a head injury, particularly after a concussion, the following policy will apply.

In order to effectively and consistently manage concussive injuries, procedures have been developed to see that concussed athletes are:

  • identified,

  • treated,

  • referred appropriately,

  • receive appropriate follow-up measures during the school day, and

  • fully recovered prior to engaging in HHS-sponsored athletic activities.

    This policy pertains specifically to athletes. However, in recognition that any student can experience a head injury, all staff in Dresden schools will be made aware of this policy and regulation related to concussion management. Building principals will provide concussion awareness information to relevant school staff.

    The HHS Athletic Director will:

  • prepare guidance related to concussion identification and management,

    including materials in the staff and athletic department handbooks,

  • review all concussion management protocols annually and update as needed,

  • coordinate the training of all coaches in the procedures outlined in Regulation

    JLCJ-R, and

  • organize baseline cognitive assessments for all athletes involved in contact

    sports (as defined in the appendix to Regulation JLCJ-R).

    Prior to the start of each athletic season, coaches will provide athletes and their parents with information regarding concussions, the Concussion Management Policy and regulations, and related guidelines.

    A school official, including but not limited to the Athletic Director, Athletic Trainer, coach and any other administrator or staff member so designated by proper training and certification (please see the athletic handbook for a hierarchy and delineation of school officials), will evaluate all athletes sustaining a head injury or presenting the signs or symptoms of a concussion as outlined in Regulation JLCJ-R and the athletic handbook.

    The Athletic Director, Athletic Trainer or their trained designee must give approval, following successful completion of return to play (RTP) protocols as outlined in the athletic handbook, before a concussed athlete may return to play.

    Dresden Board Approved: 23 April 2013

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