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Marauders Athletics

Hanover High School

Marauders Athletics

Hanover High School

Hanover High School Alumni GO MARAUDERS!

Alumni News.

Alumni News

1 month ago

Nothing Lax About It: Hanover Graduate Brings Lacrosse to Fla. School
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2 months ago

‘A Leap of Faith’: Yale Football Assistant Has Roots in Hanover
Alumni News

11 months ago

Hanover’s Krass Fourth at Olympic Slopestyle Qualifier

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1 year ago

Taking The Long Path

Former UV Resident Jeff Colt Takes Running To The Extreme.

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1 year ago

Local Roundup: Hanover’s Krass Fourth at Olympic Slopestyle Qualifier

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1 year ago

NCAA D-3 Nationals
Alumni News

2 years ago

Hanover’s Doherty Goes From the Ice to the Bench

By Josh Weinreb 
Valley News Staff Writer
Friday, December 16, 2016

Hanover — It didn’t take much soul-searching when Pat Doherty inquired about joining Dick Dodds’ coaching staff for the Hanover High boys hockey team, nor did it require any kind of interview process. Doherty’s presence behind the bench was a mutual understanding.

It helped that Doherty, who graduated from Hanover in 2009 and played four years of collegiate hockey at St. Lawrence University, already was integrated with the program and knew much about Dodds’ coaching philosophy. But joining the staff was less about getting his start behind the bench than a way to stay involved in the game he loved, working for a coach he has plenty of respect for.

“I’m good friends with the Dodds’. … We had talked about it this summer one night when I was over at their house,” said Doherty, who has settled into a job working for Advantage Capital Partners in Hanover. “I knew I was staying in the area. I told them I was staying and that I’d love to help out. Almost immediately they said, ‘Yeah, absolutely.’ I sort of just jumped right in.”

A forward for most of his career, Doherty played for Les Rapaces de Gap Hautes Alpes in Gap, France last season, scoring nine goals, four assists in 26 games, including three goals and six assists in 11 playoff games. But the transition to coaching has presented Doherty with a different perspective on the game.

“There are things you don’t realize, like how to clearly explain yourself,” Doherty said. “You have to say things in a way that other people will understand, not just point things out. It makes me respect all the coaches I’ve ever had.

“You see someone do something and in your head, you see what they need to do,” he added. “But you have to describe it to be effective. … It’s all about figuring out a different side of the game. It’s a fun challenge to come into and no better person to learn under. Coach Dodds, he’s been very successful.”

Dodds is no stranger to having former players on his staff; Doherty remembers looking up to David Sutton, a Hanover alum who is now a project manager at Service Master in Boston, during his time with the Marauders. But Doherty, for the veteran Hanover coach, offers his team a unique perspective.

“He brings terrific knowledge and passion for the sport,” Dodds said. “He isn’t that far removed from wearing the Marauders jersey and he was one of the best leaders we’ve ever had. … It’s great for the current players to see you can work your tail off while you are playing for Hanover hand have success at the next level. Patrick is a great example of that.”

Doherty said he has primarily been working with Hanover’s forwards, a young group looking to replace the offensive production left behind by the absence of Seth Stadheim, last year’s top goal-scorer, and on the Hanover power play. Dodds said the assignment works well considering the type of player Doherty developed into.

“He was the type of player who would design face-off plays with his line mates,” Dodds said. “A center zone face-off that he created his freshman year was outstanding. It worked every time. We eventually added that play to our playbook and called it the ‘Doherty.’ ”

Doherty described his game as fast and puck-skill oriented, but also said he tried to bring a “cerebral” approach to the game, something that has paid dividends in his first few weeks back with Hanover. He graduated from St. Lawrence in 2015 and racked up 32 goals and 33 assists in his NCAA career.

“Just being someone they can talk to, about hockey or not hockey,” he said. “That’s what Dave (Sutton) did for me. You don’t always want to go to Dick Dodds with your problems because he’s your head coach. I just want to be there for those guys. Being able to pass down my knowledge of the game, it’s been really fun. I want to be there for these kids on and off the ice. Whatever it takes.”

It’s hard for Doherty to know if coaching is in his future, though he admitted the thought of taking on a varsity hockey team or even coaching at the collegiate level sounds like too much responsibility, at least at the moment. For now, he’s enjoying his return to Hanover with an eager mind to learn as much as he can about hockey from a much different perspective.

“Dick Dodds brings such passion to the game,” Doherty said. “He could have the most skilled team in New Hampshire or the least skilled team in New Hampshire and his teams would still be competitive. They always play at their highest potential. The way he can create a sense of team and community, I haven’t seen that anywhere else.

“I knew I wanted to stay involved in some way. For me, it’s always been in the back of my mind that down the road, when I had my own kids, I’d stay involved with youth hockey. I thought that would be the next step for me. I don’t want to stay involved just to stay involved. It was an easy decision to be back here.”

Alumni News

2 years ago

Hanover’s Hartman Dents Net for Huskies

Hanover’s Hartman Dents Net for Huskies

Wentzville, Mo. — It didn’t take former Hanover High girls hockey star Matti Hartman long to open her goal-scoring account for Northeastern University … three games, to be precise.

A freshman with the Huskies, Hartman notched her first career goal four minutes into the third period of Friday’s 5-0 win at Lindenwood University. One day later, Hartman opened Northeastern’s scoring and later added an assist in a 4-1 defeat of the Lady Lions.

Hartman, who won four straight NHIAA Division I state championships at Hanover to go with two player of the year awards, comes home on Oct. 21 when the Huskies (2-2-0) visit Dartmouth at Thompson Arena in the Big Green’s season opener.

Valley News - Local Roundup

Alumni News

2 years ago

Happy Homecoming for UW Coach, Hanover Native

Valley News Staff Writer

Thursday, September 08, 2016


Hanover — Jamie Clark’s return to his native Hanover was acknowledged over the loudspeaker during the opening ceremonies before Thursday’s Dartmouth men’s soccer game against the University of Washington at Burnham Field. Several hundred spectators on hand let out a cheer for the Huskies’ head coach in his return to the Upper Valley.

He was one of the only Huskies to receive such acknowledgement.

For the rest of the game the crowd, which swelled to 1,210 by the second half, was tense and anxious in Dartmouth’s 1-0 loss. The Big Green shelled Huskies goalkeeper Auden Schilder and the Washington defense with 13 shots, including several multi-shot rallies late in the second half, but couldn’t capitalize.

It was Dartmouth’s first loss this season after finishing its first two games, both on the road, in 1-1 ties.

“It was nice to get some pressure on them. The last 15 minutes, we were all over their net,” said Dartmouth junior midfielder Matt Greer, who finished with a team-high five shots. “A lot of shots were going, we just couldn’t seem to find the back of their net.”

Washington’s David Coly scored the game’s goal in the 23rd minute, finding a pass from Kyle Coffee inside the box before making a move on a Dartmouth defender and burying it inside the right post passed Big Green keeper James Hickok. It was his second goal of the season and the Huskies’ only shot on goal on Thursday.

“I’ll give Dartmouth a lot of credit,” Clark said. “There’s almost two ways of looking at it. One is, ‘Oh, we need to be better.’ Or maybe Dartmouth really pushed us to the limit. I think it’s a little bit of both. I don’t think we were at our best tonight, but I think Dartmouth forced that. That’s a good Dartmouth team.”

“You’ve just got to try and get out with a result sometimes,” he added. “It was clear that it wasn’t going to be our best game, when you’re turning the ball over in crazy places. But good teams win the games they shouldn’t sometimes.”

The Huskies are now 3-1-0 and will head to Harvard, a former pit stop on Clark’s coaching resume, on Sunday.

For Clark, returning to the Upper Valley has been as comforting as ever, making him revisit many of his old stomping grounds. Clark, a 1994 Hanover High graduate and son of former Dartmouth men’s soccer coach Bobby Clark, won two NHIAA Class I championships with the Marauders and earned all-New England and All-American honors as a senior. He was also named New Hampshire’s Gatorade Player of the Year.

“It’s been the best couple of days,” Clark said. “It’s been so fun. I told my wife, ‘I went for a run today.’ She was like, ‘What?’ Like yeah, I’m back in town and you’ve got the best trails in the world. It’s so fun, it’s so nice. It’s been good. I’m staying right in town, visiting a lot of old restaurants, seeing a lot of old friends.”

Fourth-year Dartmouth head coach Chad Riley, a Notre Dame graduate who worked with Clark as an assistant coach with the Fighting Irish under Clark’s father, said playing against an opposing coach he knows makes the contest that much more enjoyable.

“We’re both competitors; When you’re in the game, you’re back at it,” Riley said. “I actually enjoy coaching against people you know because you know what’s going on in your head. You can adapt, a little.”

Though in Riley’s case, he could have asked for a better result. Dartmouth’s offense pressed for much of its home opener, often looking desperate on its final touches around the goal.

While the midfield and defense looked methodical in its approach and its possession, the Big Green came up empty both on the scoreboard and in the standings. Dartmouth has managed only two goals in its first three games.

“Definitely some frustration,” Greer said when asked what was going through his head. “I think we’re all looking forward to our next game to make sure this doesn’t happen again. This is our home turf. That makes this a little bit of an extra blow.”

Riley said the offensive production shouldn’t be a concern just yet.

“This period is, you want to get as many results as you can, but you also want to force growth as rapidly as you can,” Riley said. “We’ve had three in a row. That’s the best preparation right there. I can’t believe what we look like now back to our first practice. I’m proud of that.”

“Like I told the guys, though, there are no moral victories. Let it sting,” he added.

Greer isn’t worried, either. It’s still early in the season, after all. Once the offense gets its confidence back, the goal-scoring will follow shortly thereafter. It’s only a matter of time, he feels.

“We’ve played three very good teams that will all probably be in the NCAA tournament,” Greer said. “Both of our first two games, the teams had played multiple games before us. It was our first two games, away. This game we definitely had a lot more … Definitely some improvement in this game, which is what we like to see. So I don’t think it’s too worrying yet, but we’ll see what happens.”

Dartmouth will host Seattle at 5 p.m. on Sunday.


Notes: Clark has spent several days in his hometown, in part to prepare for Thursday’s game, but also to re-experience Hanover’s unique cuisine. “I’m a big Molly’s fan,” he said. “We went right to Molly’s and then a little bit of EBAs. Shot some horseshoes and ate some sandwiches.” … Dartmouth was awarded seven corner kicks. The University of Washington had three. … The Big Green’s Justin Donawa, a Bermuda native, attempted three shots.

Josh Weinreb can be reached at or 603-727-3306.
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